Hi, I thought I’d introduce myself so you don’t have to try to figure it all out if, like me, you’re nosey and/or would just like to know a little bit about the person whose blog you’re reading.  Thanks so much for reading it, by the way!

My name is Catherine (or Cat) and I am married to Mike.  Together we have four children.  As I update this (May 2020) my daughter Miriam is ten. Next we have Ezra amd Zach who are about to turn nine and seven. And finally, little Martha is four. Here is a picture of the six of us from about four years ago – I should really find a more recent one…

We live in central London – in what Transport for London calls Zone One.  But if you live in a suburb, or the countryside, or on an oil rig somewhere in the Atlantic, then please don’t be put off by the title of my blog!  Mum in Zone One is one way to describe me and my circumstances, but I’m hoping that my comments will be relevant to you wherever you are.

I also think that the connotations of living in Zone One can be quite similar to those of being a parent (particularly of young children):

  • It’s hectic
  • It’s expensive!
  • People often think you’re a bit crazy for doing it
  • It’s likely that anything else in the future will feel like peace and quiet in comparison
  • You can feel alone even though you’re surrounded by people
  • You’re covered in grime most of the time!

So maybe, without realising it, you’re a Zone One Mum/Dad too!

If you’re wondering why we live in Zone One, the short answer is that we’re part of a church who are trying to reach a large council estate with the fantastic news about Jesus Christ.  We came to help out for a couple of years.  That was ten years ago.  We love our church family, and there are many things we love about living in the city.  I will resist the temptation to list the things that are hard about it, because I’m sure you have your own list and swapping that sort of list is not going to help any of us!

And to finish off this bit, here is another picture of real life in the Brooks household. Nothing spectacular, just an average messy day.

2013-11-19 16.05.48

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Would love a copy of this advent wall! Thanks for the inspiration, at such a busy time of year this is fantastic for refocusing priorities! H x

  2. Please may I have a copy too? I really didn’t want to go down the chocolate route and this will give our give our family bible time a brilliant new lease of life. Thank you, Shona

  3. Tom kept saying ‘keep your legs burning’. I finally figured out he meant ‘lamps’! Slugs and Bugs is great for chat, though it took a long while for me to think of something meaningful to say about the alien song! Thanks for the posts & looking forward to reading the True Beauty one.

  4. Lovely to find your blog Cat! I’m Lucy, another UK Christian Mum blogger. I’ve been trying to connect with others blogging about similar things, so very grateful I stumbled upon your site!

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