Let’s Raise the Bar (Comparisons Part 1)

I’ve been looking through previous posts, and wanted to share this with you again. It’s very much inspired by Sophie De Witt’s book, Compared to Her (see Good Reads). It’s quite long, but hopefully helpful and I know it’s so relevant to parents! I need to keep reminding myself of these things over and over and over.

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Image Comparing washing piles – Ezra wins.
Guess who’s a 2-yr-old boy?

I’ve learnt a lot recently about comparisons.  Part of our nature is that we compare ourselves to other people.  One big problem with this is that we become complacent about our sin – if we believe we’re sinners at all.  If we’re Christians, we know we are sinful, but on a day-to-day basis we often slip into the habit of looking around and thinking with a nod, ‘Yeah, I’m doing alright!’

It strikes me that nowhere is this more prevalent than in the world of parenting.  Even before your baby is born, you start to compare yourself/the baby/the pregnancy with others.  Some of this is just to check that everything’s normal – but not all of it.

Let me give you a few examples, in case you’re not so sure.  Let’s take the topic of your child’s eating habits. …

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