Book Review: The Storm That Stopped (Alison Mitchell & Catalina Echeverri)

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I’m hoping that a “normal” blog post will emerge soon, but in the meantime, here is a book review.  It’s the school holidays, people!

I’d like to recommend a children’s book to you (spoiler alert): ‘The Storm that Stopped

On a recent church weekend away, I took my two older children (aged 5 and 4) to a storytelling and book signing session in the “Book Café” (tent) with Alison Mitchell and Catalina Echeverri. It was actually the highlight of my weekend.

The children were mesmerised as Catalina read the enchanting The One O’Clock Miracle. Not only is it beautifully written and illustrated, but it’s such a moving true story!

So I was excited to read ‘The Storm that Stopped’ to my children when it arrived in the post today. It didn’t disappoint.

They (The Good Book Co.) aim to make an excellent picture book, and they’ve certainly achieved that. It’s quite long, building up the suspense, so contains page after page of illustrations which really capture a child’s imagination. It begins by explaining the context of the miracle, and as far as I can see it sticks closely to the Bible text. It also comes to a spot-on conclusion at the end: the whole reason Jesus did the miracle. (Sometimes children’s Christian books turn everything into a lesson in morality, don’t they? Sigh.)

The highlight of the book for me: when we got to the point in the story that read, ‘Jesus simply spoke…’ my 5 year old daughter, Miriam, said, “That’s what it says in the other book: ‘Jesus. Simply. Spoke’.”

If these books are only teaching my children that Jesus’ words have mighty power, then thanks be to God!  You can find the book here at the Good Book Co.

To read this AMAZING story in the Bible, check it out here – it will take 20 seconds (plus pondering time, which could be eternal).

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