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Following the ongoing horror stories about Syrian refugees, this post seems appropriate to share again:

Mum in Zone One

You may not want to hear any more about the crisis in Iraq, but I just feel I can’t not write something about it.  It’s been buzzing around my head and thrumming on my heart, keeping me awake at night and causing me to question so many things.  The only thing that could have stopped me writing about it is the fact that I’m not sure how to articulate any of those feelings, especially in a useful or encouraging way.  So this won’t be neat – how could it be?  I don’t have all the answers – I’m not sure I even have any.

Since becoming a mother I am definitely more sensitive to hearing about people suffering.  I don’t know why, I think maybe I now have more of a sense of how precious life is.  But when I hear about mass killings and horrors worse than death –…

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