Enjoy yourself (Just not in the same way you used to before)!

Is it church weekend away season? We’re signing up for ours now. I am looking forward to it – in the same way I’m looking forward to having a newborn (because I’ve forgotten all the pain and sleep deprivation and only remember the long term blessings). Incidentally, we’re hoping our newborn doesn’t actually GET born ON the weekend away.
So this post from last summer is now topical again – I hope it helps you to enjoy yourself (really!)…

Mum in Zone One


I used to look forward to, and enjoy, weekends away with church. Now I brace myself for them, and often feel I’m the worst version of ‘me’ when I’m there. Sad, I know. But I believe that through prayer and practical wisdom this, the “time away with church family, with a family,” can be conquered!

I’m going away today, so I thought I’d offer some tips on how to get through, I mean enjoy, your time away (it’s more fun than packing). I’m in no way the expert, but I thought I’d share what I’ve come up with thus far – you’ll see I’m learning from my mistakes.

Things NOT to expect:

Sleep – Time and again I make the mistake of arriving on a conference/camp/ weekend away already tired, and hoping for some rest. Go on, point and laugh, I deserve it. You won’t get much sleep. Things will…

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