Beautiful Sons

I first posted this over 2 years ago, and have finally gotten round to reading “True Beauty” which I mentioned at the bottom. Such, such slowness! But anyway, let’s not dwell on that (please!) – here’s a reminder of it before I let you know how I got on with the Mahaneys…

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In our small group recently we were talking about idols of our culture – the things people around us live for. We split into groups of three and chose an idol per group to discuss. One group chose beauty, and they then shared their thoughts with the group. They talked about how the idol of beauty promises respect and acceptance, and how it requires your absolute devotion, and of course that it never delivers on its promises. It might be a surprise to you that it was three men who chose to discuss the idol of beauty. Not once did they refer to, or seemingly think about, the ways in which women seek after beauty. They were looking at the issue from a man’s perspective, and thinking about the men they knew who were slaves to the false god of skin-deep, body-building perfection.

Maybe I’m just slow, but when I read…

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