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I’ve been reminded of this lately, particularly when negotiating with my son regarding the number of plums it’s sensible to consume in one day. (You can rely on him to be harbouring a plum stone in his mouth most of the time.) I wanted to write a post tonight (not about plums or stones), but family had other plans. So I hope you enjoy this instead.

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asked and answered

I’ve been watching The Good Wife – sorry to disappoint. If you’re blissfully ignorant, it’s a glamorous drama set in a Chicago law firm in which impossibly attractive people betray each other.

There’s a phrase that comes up a lot in the courtroom scenes: “Asked and answered.” It’s an objection which the lawyers use if their opposition is trying to emphasise a point by asking a question that’s already been answered, like this:

Lawyer 1:       “Who was with you in the car?”
Witness:         “The accused.”
Lawyer 1:       “So the accused was with you in the car?”

Lawyer 2:       “Objection, Your Honour! Asked and answered.”
Judge:            “Sustained.”

I said to Mike the other day that this “Asked and answered” objection is a phrase I’d quite like to use about a dozen times a day with my 5-year-old daughter. Conversations with her tend to…

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