A Prayer of Lament for Ukraine

Based on Psalm 6.

Lord, Have mercy on our world. Please heal our brokenness, Lord, because your people, as well as those who don’t know you, are in agony.

We are in deep anguish. How long, Lord, how long?

Turn, Lord, and deliver Ukraine;
    save them because of your unfailing love and grace.

Our brothers and sisters there, your children, are worn out from their groaning. All night long they flood their beds with weeping.

Their eyes grow weak with sorrow because of the brutality of war.

Please hear their weeping and cause the invaders to turn back.

Let your children know that the Lord has heard their cry for mercy;
    the Lord accepts their prayer in Jesus’ name.

Would you turn the hearts of those who seek to do harm and not good. Put them to shame and bring them to repentance. 

In Christ’s name we pray,


Author: muminzoneone

Christian; Wife; Mother of 4; Urbanite.

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