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You may have felt a bit like this last night if you chose not to celebrate Halloween while everyone else from school was wandering the neighbourhood on a sugar high in super-fun fancy dress. Maybe that didn’t happen to you, but either way I hope this encourages you. I’ve certainly been saying “no” a lot since the children went back to school. It’s been a long two days…

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We just borrowed a book from the library (how good is the library?), Me and My Nan by Amana Rainger and Simone Abel.  I’ve written the entire book below as a poem:

Nan came to meet me to take her to her flat.
I ran on to the bus stop.  Nan said, “Don’t do that!”
We went to the shops, and Nan stopped for a chat.
I hid round the corner.  Nan said, “Don’t do that!”
We walked by the river and I shouted, “There’s a rat!”
I thought it was funny.  Nan said, “Don’t do that!”
I knocked on the front door with a rat-a-tat-tat!
Nan dropped all the shopping.  She said, “Don’t do that!”
We had ham for tea, but I don’t like the fat.
So I hid it in the plant pot.  Nan said, “Don’t do that!”
I dropped the ketchup.  It landed, ker-splat!
Nan spilt her tea. …

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