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I’ve been far too busy this term, so I found this helpful to read again. It makes me smile, too, because of my baby Martha. I introduced her to someone the other day and he said, “Aw, was she the one who sat at Jesus’ feet?”
I said, “No, she was the busy one.” A little awkward! Poor Martha can look forward to a lifetime of such conversations. 🙂

Mum in Zone One


Have you ever done one of those personality tests?  You answer one hundred and one questions and then your character gets summed up in a four-letter acronym.  I’ve never done a proper one, although I’d like to, but a while ago I did a half-hearted one online with the help of my mum-in-law.  She would read out two statements and I had to choose between the two, but the statements didn’t always seem mutually exclusive.  I remember one question said: ‘Which best describes you?  a) You like to get things done, or b) You like to know that everyone’s getting on well’  I picked ‘b’ because surely people are more important than tasks!  Mum-in-law (who knows me too well) said, ‘Really?  Are yous sure?’  I resolved, ‘Yes, of course.’

But since then I’ve often looked back and admitted regretfully, ‘No, I should have said ‘a’.’  Because knowing what’s more important…

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